Dear scientists and young researchers

Do you want to start your carrier in basic science or translational and clinical research? Are you currently looking for a open position in the field of mast cell and basophil biology or in clinical research of related diseases? Here we offer the opportunity to post your applications to get in touch with possible vacancies.

Please don't hesitate Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fensterto contact us.

Current vacancies

PostDoc positions in Stockholm

We are recruiting four new post docs for projects on mast cells biology, allergy and anaphylaxis. The recruitment is broad covering areas from genetics, epidemiology, omics, and bioinformatics to basic mast cell biology.

Please contact:

Gunnar Nilsson PhD
Professor of Experimental Allergy Research
Clinical Immunology and Allergy
Department of Medicine
Mastocytosis Centre Karolinska
Karolinska Institutet
Stockholm Sweden
+46 8 51770205
Mobile: +46 (0)70 6402093


Initiates file downloadPostdoctoral studies in genetic and epigenetic regulation
of mast cell activity

Initiates file downloadThree postdoctoral positions for a translational research
initiative investigating anaphylaxis

Postdoc positions in Paris

10 positions for postdoctoral scientists are available at the Institute of Inflammatory Disease in Paris. Projects involve the study of molecular mechanisms in the development of various inflammatory diseases, within INFLAMEX, a cluster of excellence in the field of inflammation.

Starting date: beginning of May 2013
Salary will be 2100 to 2900 €/month for 2 years depending on experience.
Applications should be sent to: Opens window for sending emailinflamex(at)
Dead line application March 4th, 2013
Information on the individuals projects is available at: Opens external link in new

Bayer pharma AG is looking for three postdocs

Bayer pharma AG is currently looking for three postdocs to support the epigenetics research. Additional positions in the endometriosis research group may be available soon. Please check the Bayer website for more information.

Postdoc wanted.

We are currently looking for an experienced postdoc with a mast cell background, either experienced and knowledgable in murine and/or human mast cell biology.

For further information please enquire with Marcus Maurer, Martin Metz and Frank Siebenhaar at

Opens window for sending emailmarcus.maurer(at),
Opens window for sending emailmartin.metz(at) and
Opens window for sending emailfrank.siebenhaar(at)

Allergies? Lets stop it!

Lab searching for a motivated Phd/MSc student for a challenging project in the field of allergy and targeted antibody-mediated therapy.

Project interests:

  1. Mechanisms underlying the pathophysiology of skin and airways allergic diseases (Asthma, Allergic rhinitis, skin dermatitis)
  2. Tumors originating/involving cells from the allergic system (Mast Cell tumors).
  3. Angiogenesis in inflammation and hypoxia (oxygen stress)

Lab work includes immunological as well as molecular biology and biochemical methods.

For more information please contact:

Professor Francesca Levi-Schaffer
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem:
Tel: 972-2-6757512
Fax: 972-2-6758144
Email: undefinedfls(at)

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News & Events

EMBRN volume on mast cells and basophils and their functions is now in press in Immunological Reviews

Immunological Reviews just published a series of reports on mast cells, basophils and their role in health and disease (Immunological Reviews 2018; Vol 82, page 1-277).

Original and review papers on mast cells / basophils wanted!

Our colleagues Thomas Marichal, Nicolas Gaudenzio, Laurent Reber, and Philipp Starkl are putting together, as guest editors, a Special Issue on the regulation of type 2 immunity by mast cells and...


Report Final Conference of COST Action BM1007 (2011-2015)

Mast Cells and Basophils – Targets for Innovative Therapies

Final Report – COST ACTION BM1007 2nd Training School

Jerusalem, Israel, January 20-21, 2014

School of Pharmacy hosts International Training School funded by COST Action BM1007

The School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham recently hosted an International Training School funded by the COST Action Biomedicine and Molecular Biosciences BM1007 "Mast Cells and Basophils -...

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